Private equity firm focused on buyouts
growth equity investments and unlocking of investment values

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Private Equity Firm focused on buyouts and
growth equity investments and unlocking investment values

Discover Funnel


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We have engaged more than 5 projects span across 13 countries.

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Funnel Global Ltd is a boutique private equity firm specialized in southeast asia and the greater china region.

With the power of diversity that attracts top talents, our belief in creativity and multi-perspective approach enhances our strategic decision making for investments of public listed companies in malaysia. Other than financial backing support, Funnel Global Ltd develops ultimate interest and action in unlocking company potential and revolutionary transformation. Granted with a diversity of insights from related industries, we hold absolute advantage in developing our investment portfolio in various aspects, and in return, we gather insightful personnel from the talent pools the world can offer.


FUNNEL has an experienced and innovative team of professionals. Each of them is skilled in their respective field.

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